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Expo East Gluten Free Pretzels Review


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Tonya’s Gluten Free Kitchen

"This is by far my favorite discovery at Expo East a gluten-free soft pretzel. The pretzels come six to a box with a separate package of salt and heating instructions. These pretzels are just the right size and they are not too hard, but have that great ‘pretzel’ taste this Examiner has been missing. The company also makes: white and cinnamon raisin bread, frosted banana bar, cinnamon and sugar soft pretzel, vanilla or peanut butter filled chocolate whoppie pies and 8″ pizza crusts. These products are currently only available in Pennsylvania, but this Examiner will do her best to get them down to Georgia. Direct link to article.

Author Information: Jennifer D. Harris, Atlanta, GA
Jennifer D. Harris, http://www.jenniferglutenfreeingeorgia.blogspot.com

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